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Welcome to The Kingdom havelock because, If there is one place on the lap of the earth where all the dreams of men have found a home from the very day when man began the dream of existence, it is India, it is Port Blair, it is Havelock, it is "The Kingdom ", at Havelock.The Havelock Island is located at latitudes 11 52 34 to 12 03 02 N and longitudes 92 55 21 to 93 03 46 E, south of South Andaman and north of Little Andaman. The total area of Havelock Island is about 7993.18 Hectare. Forest covers an area of about 6708.12 Hectare, Large hills constitute the general topography of the island. The maximum elevation of the hills is 168 m. The total shore length is 95.3 km. The distance from Port Blair to Havelock Island is 21 nautical miles and has a port notified under Indian Ports Act, 1908. Havelock is a hilly island mostly covered by tropical rain forest but with a central lowland valley given over to cultivation and settlement.

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Havelock Island Resort

An inevitable and imperative part of these immaculate islands is the land of sparkling blue waters, and endless stretches of golden and silver sand on spectacular beaches, the ecstasy on earth- Havelock. Sunbeams’ dancing through the coconut trees and waves playing with sand dunes is the elegance of Havelock. Adventure water sports, deep sea diving to explore the depth of seas, snorkeling through the bizarre coral reefs and breath taking underwater view of the marine life, mangrove lined creeks add a feather to the beauty of Havelock. The spine-tingling and enchanting Elephanta beach is one such example. The Radhanagar beach at Havelock is truly a seventh heaven created by eternity in the lap of the Emerald Islands. Undoubtedly it has been regarded as the best beach in Asia. Tropical lush green forests in ideal fusion with sun, sea and sand, clean roads, unpolluted and fresh air and above all the guileless and the hospitality rendered by the local people provide an enchanting holiday venue, refreshing differently from many other places one knows!

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